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Esoteric Nazism is an extreme far-right ideology which fuses the Nazi ideology into a theological system. The ideology is based on the belief that mainstream National Socialism did not go far enough towards establishing Aryan supremacy. The ideology is largely associated with Heinrich Himmler and his Burgundian System. This calls for extreme spartanism, which in theory would make the German people stronger through hardship. It is believed that Himmler believes in an even more extreme form and wishes to cleanse the world with nuclear fire so that only the Aryan race would survive and repopulate the earth.

The "Black Sun" symbol from Wewelsburg castle, which is commonly associated with the ideology of the Burgundian System.


  • Burgundian System
  • Agrarian Spartanism
  • Ethno-Spartanism
  • Imperial Cult

Countries that follow Esoteric Nazism

Countries that can adopt Esoteric Nazism


Non-proponents, but have interest in the ideology

  • Reichskommissar Hans Hüttig of Reichskommissariat Ostafrika


The Burgundian System is heavily inspired by the plot of The Turner Diaries, a book written by American Neo-Nazi William Luther Pierce. Pierce can show up in the game, although he is not an adherent for the Burgundian System in the United States (instead, he will merely be a potential NPP-Y Senator for Georgia).