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Magadan's flag at the regional stage.

Magadan, officially the Free State of Magadan, is a Russian warlord state in the Far East. They are bordered by Amur to the south, Aldan and Yakutia to the west and Unorganized Siberian Territories to the north-east. The country is one of the three warlord states which are composed of the remainders of the White Army and claim themselves "The True Heirs of Harbin", the other two being Chita and Amur.


The Magadan Clique, under Vozhd Mikhail Matkovsky, was once a part of the united Russian Fascist Party (RFP). Several years before 1950s, a united front was founded by the remnants of White Army and the RFP in hopes of establishing a White Russia. When the front broke up because of the divergence among the leaders, Matkovsky broke up with Konstantin Rodzaevsky too. He then seized the city of Magadan with his men and established the Free State of Magadan.


National spirits

Heirs of Harbin


  • Stability: -10.00%
  • Factory Output: +20.00%

In the aftermath of the Russian Civil War, the remainder of the White Army retreated into Harbin, exiled against their will. Nursing their wounds, they plotted for the overthrow of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. At the same time, however, a new movement coalesced in Harbin: fascism. Under the lead of Rodzaevsky and Matkovsky, the Russian Fascist Party became the premier party of Russian emigres. During the collapse of the Union, the Whites and the RFP formed a united front against the Bolsheviks. For a time, they were successful - until infighting split them from one another. Now the three splinters vie for power, each claiming to be the rightful heir of Harbin.

Fascist Splitters
  • Recruitable Population Factor: -5.00%
  • War Support: +10.00%

Long ago, the Russian Fascist Party was a united organization, free from the civil strife that plagues everything in Russia. However, this unity did not last long. The doctrinal differences that divided its two heads, Konstantin Rodzaevsky and Mikhail Matkovsky, had simmered for years, perhaps for decades. It finally came into a head when Matkovsky seized the port town of Magadan for his own use. He promises a free Russia, an unshackled Russia, a Russia liberated from the chains of suffering and poverty. Only time will tell if his promise holds.

Gateway Into Russia
  • Daily Political Power Gain: +0.02
  • Trade Deal Opinion Factor: +15.00%

Beyond mere circumstance, the Vozhd had specific intent when he chose Magadan to launch our struggle. The shores of this icy Pacific port bring many blessings. Smugglers from Kamchatka and Alaska alike carry great boons to be processed in the city every day. The Vozhd's government grows from the hub's riches, and in turn so does our legitimacy.


Head of state: Mikhail Matkovsky (Fascism) The Vozhd of the Heart
  • Division Recovery Rate: +10.0%
Head of government: Vladimir Kibardin (Fascism) Silent Workhorse
  • Daily Political Power Gain: +0.15
  • Resource Gain Efficiency: +10.00%
Foreign minister: Nikolay Petlin (Authoritarian Democracy) Seasoned Ambassor
  • Stability: +5.00%
  • Improved Relations Opinion: +10.00%
  • Trade Deal Opinion Factor: +10.00%
Economy minister: Vladimir Goltsov (Fascism) Balanced Budget Economy
  • Daily Political Power Gain: +0.10
  • Consumer Goods Factories: -5%
  • Construction Speed: +7.00%
  • Production Efficiency Cap: +7.00%
Security Minister: Alexander Pavlov (Fascism) Steadfast Defender
  • Division Defense: +5.00%
  • Max Entrenchment: +0.0


At the start of the game, Magadan will be in a relatively weak position, having to prepare for an inevitable conflict with Rodzaevsky and Amur. They do this by a combination of contacting Chita to agree to a temporary alliance, reaching out to the United States of America for aid, and through Anastasy Vonsiatsky, hire Mitchell WerBell III and his group of mercenaries to supply additional military forces. As such, similar to how Amur can request supplies from Japan (and how Chita can do the same after defeating Amur), Magadan can request supplies from the United States, with their relationship to the country determining what the US will supply. In order to appeal to the US, Matkovsky will pass a Bill of Rights for Siberian citizens, but will include loopholes that will allow him to get around said bill, despite Petlin's objections. Should the player have chosen the 1972 start date, Magadan will have canonically unified the Far East, but will have been defeated by Novosibirsk. Similar to Reinhard Heydrich during the German Civil War, prior to invading Amur, the player has three options for Magadan's military: a Siberian military (which would be largely home-grown), an American Military (which would be largely backed by the Americans), or a mercenary military (which would provide WerBell with more influence).

However, eventually Vonsiatsky will die, and as a result, WerBell will find himself without payment; enacting the CIA's plan that was given to him earlier, WerBell will launch a coup, with the success/failure being determined by the player. If WerBell's coup succeeds, he will take over, Matkovsky will be exiled to San Francisco, and Magadan will change its name to the Republic of West Alaska (due to them being "West of Alaska"). However, if WerBell's coup fails, he will leave Magadan and Matkovsky will remain in power.

At the regional level, Matkovsky will "renounce" fascism, changing the country's ideology to despotism in an attempt to further appeal to the United States. Additionally, a power struggle between Matkovsky and Petlin will break out - while it will not be a civil war, it will have a mechanic to determine who has the most influence. If Matkovsky wins, he will remain in power. If Petlin wins, however, Matkovsky will be put in prison, Petlin will assume power, and Magadan will become an Authoritarian Democracy. If the player is playing as the United States and Magadan reaches the regional stage, they will have the option of using the CIA to provide aid to Petlin's faction.

Magadan's name changes to the Siberian National Republic, when it unifies the whole Russian Far East, and at the national level, will be the Russian National Republic. However, should WerBell coup Matkovsky, the country will become the United States of Siberia at the regional level. At the national level, WerBell's Magadan will become the United States of Russia.


The logo of Radio Free Magadan, a radio station featured in several events, is based on the logo of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, an organization funded by the United States. Ironically, the RFM acts as somewhat of a propaganda outlet (allowing Matkovsky to give speeches to his subjects). Conversely, RFE provides information to the citizens of countries whose governments block the flow of information, which Matkovsky's Magadan would likely fall under.

Matkovsky's wing of the Russian Fascist Party is named Trudoviki, which in real life, was the name of the party Alexander Kerensky was a part of when he ruled the Russian Republic, prior to the Russian Revolution. Interestingly, Kerensky provides the quote for a Russian unification under Miletiy Zykov's Samara, who both Petlin and WerBell can peacefully unify with.


  1. This spirit is shared by the three "Heirs of Harbin" states.