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Mikhail Matkovsky (born 27th October 1903) is the leader of Magadan and the pragmatist wing of the Russian Fascist Party, that broke off in a conflict with founder Konstantin Rodzaevsky. He is one of the potential unifiers of the Far East and Russia as a whole.



Matkovsky was born to a family in Saint Petersburg, whose father was a member of the Imperial Russian Army and the White Movement. In 1917 he entered the St. Petersburg Cadet Corps, from 1918 to 1920, he studied in Omsk at the Siberian Cadet School and in 1921 he graduated from the cadet corps in Vladivostok and entered the army as a volunteer. On June 8, 1920, Mikhail's father was shot by the Bolsheviks. He emigrated to Harbin with his mother and two brothers. In Harbin, Mikhail Matkovsky in 1926-1932. was a student of the economics department at the Harbin School of Law. He was also educated at the Harbin Polytechnic Institute, from which he graduated in 1928.


During the 1930s, he joined the Russian Fascist Party during his time spent in Manchuria in Harbin, as well as having met the founder of said movement, Konstantin Rodzaevsky. First several years were doing fine, considering how the party was standing united despite certain differences in their goal to destroy Bolshevism in Russia, and to establish a new Russian fascist state. However, all of this would change when Germans attacked, when he saw Rodzaevsky praising the German invasion of USSR, fully aware that Germans are not their allies by any means, and are not eradicating Bolshevism in order to save Russia, but are doing it because they hate Russians. Combined with the prolonged usage of swastika, increasing activity of thuggery among Rodzaevsky's men, as well as complete heretical and entirely not necessary form of antisemitism, Matkovsky had no choice but to slowly and eventually entirely distance himself from Rodzaevsky, which reached breaking point during 1950s, when Russia found itself in chaos. At that point, alongside with his men, Matkovsky has seized the port of Magadan, effectively splitting the party into two wings, starting a fierce rivalry over the future of Russian Fascist Party.


Mikhail Matkovsky is, as of 1962, in a strange position. Since his own state is located far up in the north, away from necessary supplies and equipment to beat Rodzaevsky, he has no choice but to consult with Nikolay Petlin, who then suggests him to appeal to American aid, by pretending that they are Fascist regime that is going to slowly liberalize into democracy, thus guaranteeing the needed supplies from the Americans.


Mikhail Matkovsky starts in a much less unfavorable position, though he is still difficult leader to play as throughout entire playthrough. For instance, during warlord stage, player would need to carefully choose what form of help shall he receive, will he rely on Central Intelligence Agency agent training, on foreign mercenaries, or will he use his own men. All of this can lead up to an eventual coup of Mitchell WerBell III, which is partially averted as the player has choice of stopping the said coup. Once the coup is averted, swooping Amur and Chita becomes no big deal. However, player should still look out for Alexander Men and finish conquering either Irkutsk or Buryatia as fast as possible, as it becomes difficult to deal with two of them at once due to lack of divisions.

Once the player is done reunifying the Far East, Mikhail Matkovsky for the sake of American recognition, partially casts off the party's fascist legacy, and instead reforms it to a nationalistic authoritarian republic. If it is reformed further, can become an actual democracy under Petlin. However, if it is not reformed, Nikolay gets accused of treason against the state and Vozhd Matkovsky.

The economic and military focuses of Magadan do not have much buffs compared to other warlords, but are enough to balance out the geopolitical choices Magadan can take, for instance being that economic focuses are largely based upon solidarists practices, which includes state owned industries and such. In diplomatic side of things, Matkovsky chooses to work with America and other countries that have anti-German alignment, in hopes of returning back Reichskommissariat Moskowien.

He cannot reunify with anyone due to his late game Despotism, but as mentioned earlier, the buffs he gains during regional and super regional stages are enough to give player means to conquer and reunify Russia without much problems.

Quote upon unification

"Power comes all by itself to the strong man. We will accept our freedom and our laws from the Russian patriot who leads Russia to salvation."

—Ivan Ilyin