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Reichskommissariat Moskowien is a colony of the Greater Germanic Reich in Eastern Europe, comprised of most of the former European parts of the Russian SFSR. Moskowien borders Reichskommissariat Ostland to the west, Reichskommissariat Ukraine to the south-west, Reichskommissariat Kaukasien to the south, the Republic of Finland to the north, and various Russian warlords to the east. They are the largest European Reichskommissariat.

The colony is operated by Reichskommissar Siegfried Kasche, the former German Ambassador to Croatia. The colony utilizes the large Slavic population through a middle class of Russian laborers. While these laborers are still persecuted by the German controlled government, the quality of life is generally much higher than that of the Siberian warlord regions, or other Reichskommissariats such as Kaukasus, although it's only out of necessity to stop rebellions from happening and to keep the Slavic population under control.

This political system has provided an uneasy inkling of stability, although the pressure from various eastern warlords leads to difficulty controlling the border region.

These difficulties came to a head in the mid-50's, culminating in the West Russian War. In this conflict, several Russian warlords, notably the West Russian Revolutionary Front, nearly overran the colony being backed by the Organization of Free Nations and the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. While this invasion was repelled, it diminished a large portion of the RK's land forces. This conflict gave Moskowien a "bloody nose" from which it has not recovered from to this day.


Moskowien operates off of a primarily industrial-based economic system with its major cities (Moskau/Moscow, Paulusburg/Voroshilovgrad (Stalingrad in real life) and Brauchitschstadt/Leningrad posing as its core production centers. The industries in the Reichskommissariat are entirely owned by German corporations, with most factories however being dependent on the employment of native Slavs, albeit under overall German oversight.

Items produced involve anything from processed raw materials, vehicle parts, to refrigerators. Almost everything produced is directly shipped westwards to Germany proper.

There has been a gradual shift away from forced labor in recent years in an effort to quell insurrection, which has plagued the Reichskommissariat since its formation. The native Slavic population have enjoyed a better standard of living as a result, earning a meager (yet livable) income from their jobs in the factories.


The colony yields a sizable military force, comprised mainly of native volunteers tasked with defending the eastern marches of the territory from the incursions, by the many roving warlords who raid and pillage the Reichskommissariat on a regular basis. The volunteers often serve in exchange for greater privileges such as increased rations, amenities, and better housing. They are organized and led by German officers commissioned from the Reich. The military of Moskowien is currently still reeling from its substantial loss in strength and overall combat readiness, as a result of devastating losses inflicted upon them during the West Russian War in the previous decade.


Reichskommissariat Moskowien is led by the Kasche Government, under Reichskommissar Siegfried Kasche.

National spirits

Generalplan Moskowien - and Its Fruits
  • Monthly Population: -0.1%
  • Recruitable Population: -80.00%
  • Slavery Policy Monthly Rate:+0.02
The final frontier for the entirety of Europe, its furthest point of struggle against the Asiatic hordes, an Aryan settler paradise reigning over the parts of the dead and rotting corpse that was Russia. From Arkhangelsk and up to Astrachan, the absolute trophy of National Socialism that is Reichskommissariat Moskowien lies, guided by the firm hand of its Reichskommissar Siegfried Kasche and the Fuhrer. This is what Moskowien was to become.

This is what Generalplan Moskowien tried to achieve. Forcing the Slav to work himself to death, collaborate and obey while his Masters replace him, all for the Dream, all for the final Triumph.

How foolish these plans were.
Totalrekonstruktion - and What Lead to It
  • Maximum Command Power Increase: +25
  • GDP Growth: +2.00%
  • Production Units to GDP ratio modifier: +2.50%
The bullets that tore through Paul Joseph Goebbel's body in 1956 in Pleskau have gone through Moskowien itself. As the Bloody Summer began, as the SS and AoDNSDAP began to tear each other apart, as the Pleskau Coup happened, as GGeorg von Kuchler and his family were murdered by the SS, as the partisans and bandits began to show their degenerate faces and deeds, and as the Economic Crisis and the West Russian War occurred it was all but obvious that Reichskommissariat Moskowien was dead.

But it didn't die. It was dug out of the bottomless pit of destruction and deggeneracy by the new hero of National Socialism - Siegfried Kasche. He forced Moskowien to undergo the Totalrekonstruktion - and it submitted to his will.

But did its people do so too?
Ostvolkrat - and Its Rats
  • Daily Political power.pngPolitical Power Gain: +0.50
  • Daily Command Power Gain: +0.50
  • Political Parties Policy Monthly Rate: -0.01
What is, exactly, an Ostvolkrat? It is a governing tool created by Siegfried Kasche's Totalrekonstruktion, aimed at encouraging the collaborator activity and solidifying the political system into one body, throughoutly centralised and controlled aorund its Reichskommissar and the AoDNSDAP. The Ostvolkrat serves as the chief executive and planning body of Moskowien, starting and enacting its Reichsgezetzes, controlling every aspect of life of every significant group of influence in Moskowien - Fraktions - KVM, UM. OKM, NSPR, and SNS.

It is, however, filled with traitors. Their faces are hardly known, as their motives are, but every single day, somewhere, somehow, they betray the AoDNSDAP, Moskowien, their own future, the safety of the Aryan race and Destiny herself.

Either their days and numbered - or ours.
Living on a Minefield
  • Stability.pngStability: -20.00%
  • War Support: -20.00%
  • Military Spending Factor: +20.00%
  • Administrative Efficiency Monthly CHange: 0.01
  • Daily National Socialist Support: -0.01
Moskowien is a prison - giant, deadly prison. Everyone has their cell in here, no matter the rank, place, or belief - big or small, be it comfortable or threatening. Mooskowien has alreadt snuffed 5,000,000 souls - and trapped, hurt, and exploited tens of millions more.

It is riddled with partisan groups as if they were mines on a post-war field, volatile and corrosive, crumbling Moskowien's walls, sendung git closer to destruction and further downwards into the abyss.

Few could ever escape this prison - but one man certainly will try.


Cabinet member Role Ideology Trait(s) and effects
Wolf-Heinrich Graf von Helldorff Head of government National Socialism ideology.pngNational Socialism Template:Utterly Corrupt
Mikhail Gorbachev Foreign minister Authoritarian democrat group.pngPaternalism Template:Great Compromiser
Sergey Leuchtenberg Economy minister Fascism ideology.pngFascism Balanced Budget Economy:
  • Daily Political Power Gain: +0.10
  • Consumer Goods Factories: -5%
  • Construction Speed: +7.00%
  • Production Efficiency Cap: +7.00%
Dietrich von Saucken Security minister Despotism group.pngDespotism Template:Old Prussian


Moskowien is a Reichskommissariat of the Greater Germanic Reich and as a result is in the Unity Pakt.